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Reduce Arthritis pain and improve your dog's life without supplements or injections. For a Healthier, Happier dog!
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-Kylie Saunders

Kylie is such an expert in her field, I’ve learned so much about caring for my senior dog and the best way to keep him healthy and comfortable. I would highly recommend Strong & Steady Canines, do your senior dog a favour and check out there one week free guide. sooo good!

arthritis slowing your dog

Is Arthritis Slowing Your Dog Down?

It’s not easy seeing them get older, slowing down. Usually we keep them at home because they will be too stiff and sore after any adventures.

Great news - there is hope to help them age well! Many natural therapies are available for you to do at home to help them feel better and move better.

Pain relief is one way, but not the only way, to control pain!

Medications are foundational to pain relief to allow for better movement, however it shouldn’t be done alone.

Arthritis requires a multi-modal approach which means there are many modes of therapy that need to be implemented to manage your dog’s arthritis!

Medication is one mode, but not the only one!

medication one mode

Treating Dog Arthritis Can Be Expensive!

Vet Visits$600
Pain Relief$350
Surgery$10,000-$15,000 per hip!

Start their arthritis journey with an exercise program for as little as $29.95 and easily reduce these costs!

Help Your Dog At Home Today

Exercise Program for Dogs with Hip Arthritis includes exercises and therapies you can do at home, with little cost, to provide relief to your arthritic dog.

  • Increase muscle strength so the bones are better supported
  • Learn how to better support your dogs rehabilitation
  • Relieve pain and help your dog move better
  • Simple 10 mins exercises you can do yourself
help your dog


These are my fluffy babies, Freja on the left and Kiba on the right. They are my world.

As an aged care physio I've treated many cases of arthritis, and the good news is that many concepts can be used for senior dogs with arthritis too.

I believe older dogs deserve to be mobile and pain free.

Strength training for dogs is an under-used tool that can help stop those back legs from going, making your senior dog more comfortable and happier.

30 minute Online Consult

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at home dog massage

At-home dog massage in Sydney's Sutherland Shire and surrounds

Give your dog relief from arthritis symptoms, with a rejuvenating massage (yes, massage is also good for dogs!)

In fact, dog massage can reduce pain, inflammation and stiffness from canine arthritis.

Better still, giving your dog a massage can reduce their reliance on arthritis pain medication and its side effects.

Kylie, physio for humans and a trained massage therapist for arthritic dogs, comes to your home in Sydney's Sutherland Shire so your senior dog doesn't have to travel to appointments.

Home Dog Massage - Initial ConsultHome Dog Massage - 30 min Follow Up

Lending a helping hand to a paw

Sadly there is a huge need to save dogs and it's a pleasure to work with, and donate to, many of my trusted rescues.

Penny Marathon is one such rescue that has connections with rescues around the world and helps stray dogs be safe, off the streets, and away from euthanasia.

Ellie was kind enough to post about my support:

"Kylie is a generous supporter of the Penny Marathon and of many other animal rescue groups in Australia. As a dog physiotherapist, she is also committed to helping dogs live well, pain free and mobile lives"

See the full story HERE

penny marathon
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