About arthritis treatment for dogs

My name is Kylie and I’m a dog physiotherapist and dog mum to 2 huskies, Freja 12 and Kiba 8 and I run Strong and Steady Canines.

Arthritis is said to be the second highest leading reason for elective euthanasia. A canine arthritis diagnosis can not only be difficult for the dog who is struggling with the associated pain and loss of quality of life, but also for you, the pet parent who has to navigate the stress and financial burden on how to help them.

I help improve arthritis management with affordable and easy home exercise programs so our dogs have a better quality of life and a longer life. In doing so, us pet parents will have less stress when managing the condition and be able to enjoy our precious time with them.

We can make a huge difference to our dog's life with exercise therapy whilst at the same time fostering a relationship based on a close bond, laughter, compassion, patience and grace. 

Then all the questions about dogs with arthritis symptoms started ruminating in my head:

Why aren't exercises recommended for dogs with arthritis as they are for humans with arthritis?

Do owners know how to identify pain in their dogs and alter their dog's activity to reflect flare-ups?

What if the cost of the surgery meant it couldn't be done for some time? Or at all?

Would the dog be put down prematurely?

What if the dog was allergic or sensitive to the arthritis pain medication?

How distressing would it be for owners who want to do more but just didn't know what or how?

My goal for Strong and Steady Canines is to equip dog parents with the knowledge and skills to do simple exercises at home with their dog.

Simple exercises can make a significant difference to your arthritic dog's wellbeing.

So I want to reassure you: you have other options than just giving pills and saving for surgery to help your senior dog live well.

I just love to help dogs and I can't wait to share my expertise to help you help your dog!

Not only that, but if you do make a purchase you will also help me help rescue dogs because every month 10% of sales will go to a nominated dog rescue.

Thanks for visiting and here's to helping your dog live well after a diagnosis of arthritis.


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