The Pawfect Motion Home Rehab Program

Fast, easy, home-based remedies to combat arthritis and give your dog a new lease on life - all from the comfort of your couch.

The Pawfect Motion Home Rehab Program, is a home-based program designed to strengthen your dog’s mobility and reduce pain from arthritis and post-surgery recovery.

Help your canine companion at home, without needing specialized equipment or frequent vet visits. In just ten minutes a day, you can enhance your dog's strength, improve their mobility, and increase their overall quality of life.

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A big thank you to Kylie for working with Marlie and me. Kylie showed me ways to incorporate exercise into every day life even with a busy household, she was always available to discuss questions or concerns. Thank you again!


- Susannah Marlie's Mum

Freya is a young dog diagnosed with hip arthritis and dysplasia in both hips. She had significant muscle loss and had less energy to move, movement was uncomfortable and she was overweight. Freya has now lost weight, moves easier and her muscle bulk has returned.


- Kirsty Freya's Mum

Thank you for the fabulous exercise program Kylie. I've noticed Simba is happier on stairs, and is walking better too. He loves the exercises and it's great to know they make a difference.


- Tracy Simba's Mum

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Avoid Massive Costs and help your dog live happier, healthier and pain-free.

Whether you've got a senior dog, one with arthritis, or one starting their strengthening journey post TPLO surgery, this Couch Class Program will help you do rehab at home, without all the fancy equipment!

Give Your Dog a New ‘Leash’ on Life

Step-By-Step Instructions
Step-By-Step Instructions

Simple directions allow you to execute the exercises and confidently provide your dog with the necessary care and rehabilitation - without leaving the house.

Includes Video Demonstrations
Includes Video Demonstrations

See the exercises and their progressions in action to ensure your beloved dog gets the maximum benefit as they move towards a more mobile, rewarding life.

10-Minutes Per Day
10-Minutes Per Day

A short daily practice that balances exercise with rest - reducing the risk of overexerting your dog and ensuring you always have time to give them the care they need to thrive into the future.

Is Your Dog's Pain Weighing Heavy on Your Heart?

It's incredibly difficult to watch your beloved dog slow down due to age, arthritis, or recovery from surgery. Seeing your beloved dog suffer can feel like an emotional blow, as the vibrant, playful creature you've known for so long is hindered by discomfort and distress. But the pain, reduced mobility, and loss of function your pet may experience don't have to be inevitable.

Created by an experienced physiotherapist, The Pawfect Motion Home Rehab Program provides step-by-step instructions and video demonstrations for exercises that target your dog's specific needs. You can combat the symptoms of arthritis, aid in recovery post-TPLO surgery, and significantly improve your dog's quality of life - all from the comfort of your own home.

Say goodbye to time-consuming and expensive vet visits and hello to a world where playful energy, tail wagging, and frisbee-catching aren’t just a thing of the past.

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Don’t Let Mobility Issues Hold Your Dog Back

Did you know, osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common cause of chronic pain in dogs? It affects 80% of dogs over the age of 8 years old, and up to 35% of dogs of all ages*.

When your dog has arthritis, it will likely offload the painful joint, weakening that limb and forcing other body parts to bear the extra load. This can lead to secondary complications and discomfort over time.

The Pawfect Motion Home Rehab Program is specifically designed to help your dog overcome overall pain by strengthening weakened areas, enhancing mobility, and rebalancing their weight distribution for a more comfortable and active life.

Imagine a life where your dog can:
Bound around freely, without pain, and where playtime, walks, and other activities are truly enjoyable...
Happily jump onto the bed, the couch, and into the car without your assistance...
Confidently walk up and down the stairs in your home for years to come...
Rely less on expensive medications and vet visits...
Share priceless bonding moments with you as you complete the rehab program and many more activities together...
Live a life where pain and discomfort are minimized...
Are you ready to give your fur baby the life it deserves?
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Why Choose The Pawfect Motion Home Rehab Program

Proven Program Endorsed by X Dog Owners Over X Years

Proven Program Endorsed by X Dog Owners Over X Years

This program is backed by success stories from dogs of all ages who have, under the guidance of their committed owners, reclaimed their vitality, and a brighter, pain-free future.

Designed by Experts

Designed by Experts

Developed by Kylie Marks, a professional physiotherapist with qualifications in Canine Arthritis Management, this program is designed with a deep understanding of your dog's needs to help them achieve a healthier, stronger, more active life.

A User-Friendly Solution

A User-Friendly Solution

With its step-by-step guides and concise video demonstrations, you don't need to be an expert to help your dog regain strength and mobility. Just a few minutes each day is all it takes to make a world of difference in your dog's life so they can continue to enjoy their favorite activities for years to come.
Quick Results

Quick Results

From small steps to significant strides; by dedicating just 10 minutes a day, you'll see noticeable improvements in your dog's mobility and mood so that they can embrace a life of increased agility and decreased pain.

Treating Dog Arthritis Can Be Expensive!

Vet Visits$600
Pain Relief$350
Surgery$10,000-$15,000 per hip!

Start their arthritis journey with an exercise program for as little as $29.95 and easily reduce these costs!



had surgery after a CCL tear and 3 months later she still had significant muscle loss and was limping badly. Strengthening exercises helped her regain that lost muscle mass and lose that limp! PLUS strengthening exercises have been shown to decrease the risk of a CCL tear in the other leg.


was diagnosed with hip dysplasia and arthritis at age one. Her mumma started strengthening exercises and found they helped reduce the amount of pain relief medication Marlie needed, she was in less pain, walked better, AND delayed the need for hip replacement surgery.


Grab the Program today!

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About the course creator

Kylie Marks

Physiotherapist for dogs, and a qualified dog massage therapist

I’m Kylie and I’ve been a physiotherapist (for humans) for 15 years and a dog lover for many more!

I hold a canine massage qualification and completed a course in Canine Arthritis Management combined with my human physio exercise techniques.

Membership and insurance through IICT - Animal Myo-Manipulative Functional Therapy.

I’m known for my love, compassion and tenderness to animals, and I’d LOVE to help you take care of your beloved dog.


Help Your Dog Move Well & Live Longer

Without a good strengthening program, your dog may have more pain, walk slower, not be able to jump onto the bed or couch, have to be lifted up stairs, and have a poorer quality of life. Just like any family member, your dog deserves the best care possible, and it's heartbreaking to witness your furry companion suffer.

When you choose to give your dog the gift of strength and mobility, you will also give them extra vitality, enhanced daily enjoyment, and the likelihood of living a longer, more fulfilling life.

Grab the Program today!

Get Access Now For $99
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