How can I make my arthritic dog more comfortable at home?

With a little bit of extra care and attention we can ensure our arthritic dogs are comfortable in our homes and less likely to have an injury or exacerbation of their arthritis.

Warmth and Comfort:
Warmth: Arthritis loves warmth, it helps the joints feel less pressure and less pain, so you can apply jumpers to them, booties when they’re walking, heat packs on sore joints and bedding placed in warm areas of the house and away from droughts.

Simba loving his heat therapy on his arthritic hip

Bedding: A good orthopaedic bed will provide cushioning and support for they arthritic joints. Our favourite are Stan Pet Beds (formally Henry Hottie), they offer non toxic beds are therapeutic.

Kiba resting on his Henry Hottie bed

Avoiding injuries
Non-slip surfaces: Cover slippery floors with rugs, runners, or yoga mats to prevent slipping and falls. Slippery floors increase the likelihood of slips and trips that can cause arthritic joints more pain and injury.

Trim their nails and fur: Fur grows under the pads of their paws and this can make it difficult to gain traction on surfaces and therefore make it more likely to slip and fall.

Long nails also make it likely to fall but they can alter how they walk and so add to pain and injury.

Ramps and stairs: As arthritis progresses it gets more difficult for your dog to jump up, plus it can be painful if they do so, so using ramps or stairs to couches or beds can be helpful.

Baby Gates: Block off any unsafe areas using baby gates, for example to block going up and down dangerous, slippery stairs

Minimise obstacles: Clear clutter from walkways and ensure furniture placement allows for easy navigation so they don’t trip and injure themselves.

Helpful equipment
Slings and supports: At end stage arthritis when the joint is unstable and the dog is unable to mobilise it can be helpful to use slings to support the rear legs so they don’t carry as much weight and experience pain.

Food and water bowls: Elevating food and water bowls can help dogs with neck and back pain so they don’t have to bend down so much.

Are these helpful? Did I miss anything?
Feel free to email me at [email protected] and let me know!

Kylie 💙🐾

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