Home Exercise Program for Dogs with Hip Arthritis (Digital Download)

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Whether you’ve got a senior dog, one with arthritis, or one starting their strengthening journey post TPLO surgery, this Couch Class Program will help you do rehab at home, without all the fancy equipment!

Strength training is often overlooked for our dogs, but like humans, a lack of strength leads to pain, poor mobility and loss of function. You can help them move well, feel well and live longer by spending 10 minutes a day doing some strengthening exercises.

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A big thank you to Kylie for working with Marlie and me. Kylie showed me ways to incorporate exercise into every day life even with a busy household, she was always available to discuss questions or concerns. Thank you again!


- Susannah Marlie's Mum

Freya is a young dog diagnosed with hip arthritis and dysplasia in both hips. She had significant muscle loss and had less energy to move, movement was uncomfortable and she was overweight. Freya has now lost weight, moves easier and her muscle bulk has returned.


- Kirsty Freya's Mum

Thank you for the fabulous exercise program Kylie. I've noticed Simba is happier on stairs, and is walking better too. He loves the exercises and it's great to know they make a difference.


- Tracy Simba's Mum

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The Couch Class Program includes:

📝 Step by step instructions in a handout

🎥 Video demonstrations of all the exercises

3️⃣ 3 class progressions for increased difficulty and challenge for muscles to grow



had surgery after a CCL tear and 3 months later she still had significant muscle loss and was limping badly. Strengthening exercises helped her regain that lost muscle mass and lose that limp! PLUS strengthening exercises have been shown to decrease the risk of a CCL tear in the other leg.


was diagnosed with hip dysplasia and arthritis at age one. Her mumma started strengthening exercises and found they helped reduce the amount of pain relief medication Marlie needed, she was in less pain, walked better, AND delayed the need for hip replacement surgery.


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These are my fluffy babies, Freja on the left and Kiba on the right. They are my world.

As an aged care physio I've treated many cases of arthritis, and the good news is that many concepts can be used for senior dogs with arthritis too.

I believe older dogs deserve to be mobile and pain free.

Strength training for dogs is an under-used tool that can help stop those back legs from going, making your senior dog more comfortable and happier.

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