30 minute Online Consult for your dog’s Arthritis Treatment Plan

When is it time to start your dog’s arthritis treatment plan?

If your dog is showing signs of joint stiffness, mobility changes and back pain, it’s likely they’ve developed arthritis.

Your senior dog might have trouble getting up and down off the floor, or walk with a limp, or their back legs might have become weak and are “giving out”.

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A big thank you to Kylie for working with Marlie and me. Kylie showed me ways to incorporate exercise into every day life even with a busy household, she was always available to discuss questions or concerns. Thank you again!


- Susannah Marlie's Mum

Freya is a young dog diagnosed with hip arthritis and dysplasia in both hips. She had significant muscle loss and had less energy to move, movement was uncomfortable and she was overweight. Freya has now lost weight, moves easier and her muscle bulk has returned.


- Kirsty Freya's Mum

Thank you for the fabulous exercise program Kylie. I've noticed Simba is happier on stairs, and is walking better too. He loves the exercises and it's great to know they make a difference.


- Tracy Simba's Mum

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My Dog Arthritis Treatment Plans includes:

  • Simple strength building exercises
  • A daily walking schedule that your dog can manage
  • Range of motion exercises
  • Natural pain management strategies for arthritis that you can do with other medication and supplements

And to your dog, it’s not exercise or hard work. They simply see it as spending quality time with you, playing, walking and performing “tricks”. They soon learn they might also get a yummy treat as a reward. (Or if your dog needs a weight loss program, instead of treats their reward is lots of praise, cuddles and love from you).

If your dog already needs pain medication for arthritis…

Dog arthritis medication and pain relief (prescribed by your vet) can be part of the treatment plan, but it’s not the only solution you should rely on.

In fact, long term use of pain medication can have negative side effects, and the medication doesn’t strengthen your dog’s body or treat the underlying cause of the pain. Medication simply hides some of the symptoms of arthritis in the short term.

Plus, dog arthritis medications are expensive! So if you can reduce the need for pain medication, both you and your dog benefit!

That’s why it’s best to choose your dog’s arthritis treatment to include exercise and strength training.

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How does the online consultation work?

As long as your dog can follow simple instructions, I can help you treat your dog’s arthritis symptoms online via Zoom.

You’ll get your dog to make some simple movements for me to see, like:

  • Walking in a straight line
  • Getting up and down off the floor
  • Getting up and down off the couch or bed
  • Sit and stand

Then you’ll get a detailed dog arthritis treatment plan, tailored to your dog’s needs.

I’ll recommend some simple strength training exercises and prescribe an exercise program for your dog. I’ll show you how to teach your dog the moves so you can practise together at home.

Because I know there’s a lot to take in during the 30 minute session, you’ll also get a PDF document with instructions and photos to remind you and your dog how to do the exercises – your dog might need just a bit of help with the reading 🙂

Afterwards, you can keep practising the exercises and watch for any gains in strength, or any decline in mobility as your dog ages. You are welcome to book more online sessions to update your dog’s exercise program at any time.

Most importantly, you’ll see your dog’s quality of life improve and they’ll love you for it.

Book your dog’s arthritis treatment plan today

Purchase your treatment plan with the Add to Cart button above, and you’ll get an email with a link to book your preferred time for the online consultation.


These are my fluffy babies, Freja on the left and Kiba on the right. They are my world.

As an aged care physio I've treated many cases of arthritis, and the good news is that many concepts can be used for senior dogs with arthritis too.

I believe older dogs deserve to be mobile and pain free.

Strength training for dogs is an under-used tool that can help stop those back legs from going, making your senior dog more comfortable and happier.

30 minute Online Consult
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