5 Gift Ideas for Your Senior Dog

If you want to purchase your senior dog a meaningful gift this Christmas, a gift that will help them to love a healthy, comfortable and mobile life, then consider these options! 

1. A Supportive and Super Comfy Bed

Providing an orthopaedic bed for your dog means that while they’re snoozing, their joints will be better supported, leading to less stiffness and pain. And yes, we all know sometimes they prefer the floor but it’s nice to have a bed that will keep them comfortable when they choose to use it! 

We use Stan Beds (formally known as Henry Hottie) they contain non carcinogenic material, unlike many other dog beds.


2. An Awesome Supplement

Invest in good quality supplements. Of course just because something is expensive doesn’t mean it’s good! Our favourite supplement is Antinol. 

Remember – supplements can’t rebuild muscle, only exercise can do that! But good supplements will help at improving joint health.


3. Yummy Low-fat Treats

Many store-bought treats are high in sugars and fats. You can make healthy ones at home using a dehydrator or use trustworthy treats like ours from The Doggie Bakery. In Australia, use code FRIENDS15 for a 15% discount. Sorry we don’t ship internationally. (Please also note our online shop will close December 17 and reopen January 15


4. An Easy and Effective Exercise Program

Strengthening exercises build muscle, improve quality of life, decrease pain and improve function. You can grab an 8-week ebook guide for under $30!

5. Good Quality Low-fat Food

Older dogs are more prone to gaining weight as their metabolism slows down and they generally don’t move as much. Talk to your vet about a good quality food that is low in fat and suits your dog’s needs, a perfect gift for Christmas! ❤️🎄

We love using Ziwi Peak. It costs about $60/kg but I invest in it because I love that Ziwi has a very short ingredient list (compared to most other foods) AND that it’s mostly meat so no nasty fillers!


These links aren’t sponsored, it’s just what I personally use and recommend for my dogs. 

Wishing you and your furry love a wonderful Christmas 

Kylie ❤️🐾

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