Why I created my Ultimate Guide to Saving on Vet Bills

I created my Ultimate Guide to Saving on Vet Bills after one night broke my heart and made me determined to make a difference.

It was March 2020 – COVID-19 hit Sydney, lockdown reduced my income and obliterated my husband’s. Then one horrible night my baby boy Kiba wasn’t well. He was vomiting, constipated and distressed. It was really late at night and so I called the closest after hours vet and was told it would cost $350 to just walk in the door.

I hung up, and cried. I couldn’t take him for fear of what the cost would amount to. It broke my heart seeing my baby in pain and for 10 hours I did my best to keep Kiba comfortable. I rubbed his tummy and kept him on our bed. As soon as our vet opened I took him to get an X-ray, thankfully after some pain relief he was able to come home but that experience made me absolutely determined to never go through anything like that again.

So I researched all I could to learn how to keep my dogs healthier, decrease regular vet bills, prepare for emergencies and make sure my dog’s wouldn’t suffer, and in turn, neither would I and then I put all I learnt together and made the Ultimate Guide to Saving on Vet Bills to help other dog parents.

After creating the guide I was able to save $1000 which has been used for Kiba’s clean and extraction of a sore tooth, as well as Freja’s first senior vet check including full blood test. I saved this money in a separate bank account that is only for Kiba and Freja and I transfer money into that every week, as outlined in the guide. 

Writing the guide also gave me courage to ask questions so when Freja’s bloodwork showed raised liver protein and she needed tablets I asked the price available from the vet and then I said I would research online for a cheaper price and saved myself $70!

Now with Freja’s liver issue I feel better prepared to make sure I can take care of my girl as we continue further investigations. I know it’s been such a relief to have the money aside to remove Kiba’s sore tooth as well as detect Freja’s liver issue early.

I know the guide really works and can help reducing the stress of vet bills whilst keeping your dog happy and healthy. You can find the link to it here.


Here’s to helping your dog live and move well,

Kylie ❤🐾

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