Which exercise program is right for your dog?

Finding it hard to choose a program for your dog? Here’s a guide:

Your dog is arthritic, big or small, old or young

The best program for your dog is the 8 week ebook. It has 8 weeks of exercises that are progressed (each week is slightly more difficult than the previous). There are descriptions of the exercises with pictures and includes lots of natural pain relief strategies and information about managing arthritis.

eBook: 8-Week Exercise Program for Dogs with Hip Arthritis – Strong And Steady Canines

Your dog is an arthritic or senior dog, medium to large size

The best program for your dog is the Couch Class (aka Home Exercise Program for Dogs with Hip Arthritis (Digital Download). This program includes videos and instructions for exercises and includes 3 classes, with varying difficulty so you can progress your dog through the easy, medium and hard classes.

Best for larger dogs since they need to be able to reach the couch. Also, the exercises are overall more challenging than the above ebook so it’s perfect for senior dogs just needing to stay strong or for dogs with very mild arthritis symptoms and you’re wanting to manage the arthritis early.

Your dog has had CCL surgery

This program is best used from day 1 after surgery but can be used any time after if your dog has had difficulty regaining their strength after their operation.

This program helps to decrease stiffness, decrease pain and improve mobility faster whilst in the early stages post op. Also, with ongoing strengthening exercises we hope to decrease the risk of the other CCL tearing! We all know that it’s likely the other cruciate will tear but we can do our best to help minimise the risk!

The Post CCL Surgery Home Rehab Guide includes instructions and videos of range of motion exercises, massage, stretching and strengthening exercises organised in an 8 week program with progressions.

YOU want ongoing guidance for your dog’s arthritis or CCL injury

I created the app to make rehab accessible to all dogs with only a small monthly fee. It includes programs for a variety of conditions and the programs change every month. It’s a great way to help your dog with a lots of different exercises month after month whilst also having access to me! It’s like having a physio in your pocket! It’s great for the programs, to get your questions answered AND gives you a bit of encouragement along the way to help keep you accountable!

The monthly fee is $17.99 per month but a yearly subscription is only $99.99!! That means for less than $100 you can have your dog’s rehab programs available for an entire year…..that’s less than just one hydrotherapy session!

Download it from Apple The Dog Rehab App on the App Store (apple.com)

Download it from Google The Dog Rehab App – Apps on Google Play


  • exercises need to be done regularly and need to be progressed in order to be effective
  • you should start seeing muscle bulk returning in about 3 weeks
  • easy exercises won’t help muscles grow
  • there’s no quick fix to building muscles, but it only takes about 10 minutes most days to make a huge difference to your dog.

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