What to do when your dog has gained weight!

Last week I noticed something that alarmed me, Freja’s body shape had changed, her waist was less visible and her belly didn’t curve up towards her pelvis. I didn’t need to weigh her, I could just tell.

dog weight

Freja is 10 and a half years old

Of course my first thought was “How could I let this happen?” then the close second was “Don’t I feel like a crap dog parent”

I share this because if our dogs put on weight, we DO NOT need to feel guilt, shame or fear, instead we DO NEED an action plan!

Here’s my though process and action plan. 

So, why had she put on weight?

I first looked back and wondered what may have contributed to the weight gain. I noticed I’ve started giving my babies some kangaroo tendons to help clean their teeth, however, these have calories and fat and so potentially I was giving them too many which contributed to the weight gain. 

Second, has her activity changed?

When I looked at her activity and thinking back on the last couple of weeks I realised that the walks weren’t as frequent due to weather and busy-ness, so this more sedentary life would have meant those added calories had no where to go but her waist! 

Freja and I need to exercise more!

Lastly what other food has she been eating?

I thought about her food and remembered that although I hadn’t changed the quantity of what I feed her, I have noticed that Kiba isn’t eating as much and although I assume he went back to finish his meals, I have a sneaking suspicion that Freja may been finishing them off!

Now, my action plan:

  1. Decrease kangaroo tendons given per week
  2. Extra exercise sessions needed to be scheduled
  3. Supervise meal times

So if you notice your baby is putting on weight, stop those negative thoughts about you as a dog parent and focus on an action plan to help them lose weight.

Sadly dogs that are overweight live 2 years less than those of a healthy weight AND contribute to many diseases like diabetes, stroke and heart disease. Having an action plan and DOING IT means our dogs are healthier and will live longer and always remember your vet is always there to help so make sure you communicate the changes with them to make sure you get extra support to decreasing your dogs weight. 

I’ll let you know how our journey unfolds, and please let me know if your dog needs to lose weight and if I can help you on your journey!

Kylie 💙🐾

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