Rapigel for Dogs with Arthritis: A Natural Way to Relieve Pain and Improve Mobility

Arthritis is a common condition in dogs, affecting up to 30% of ALL dogs and sadly 80% of dogs over the age of 8. It is characterized by inflammation and pain in the joints, which can make it difficult for our dog to move. There are a number of medications and treatments available for arthritis in dogs, but if you’re looking for a natural alternative that you can do at home then Rapigel is for you and your dog!

Using Rapigel post TPLO for KIba

What is Rapigel?

Rapigel is a muscle and joint relieving gel that is registered for use on horses and dogs (though I’ve had some patients swear that it works for them, though the product isn’t registered for human use!).

It contains a number of ingredients that are known to have anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties, including menthol, camphor, and methyl salicylate. It’s a clear gel that is a bit stinky and Kiba doesn’t like to lick it!

250g jar with clear gel

How Rapigel Works for Dogs with Arthritis

Menthol has a cooling effect that can help to numb the pain, while camphor and methyl salicylate have anti-inflammatory properties. Rapigel also helps to increase blood flow to the affected area, which can help to improve mobility.

Why I use Rapigel for Kiba 

Kiba is 6 weeks post TPLO and I’m using Rapigel as part of his rehab. With his altered gait that means there are muscles that are getting tight and sore, further, previous scans have shown Kiba to have degeneration in his hips and back. I massage Rapigel over his hip joint and thigh muscles.

Benefits of Using Rapigel for Dogs with Arthritis


* It is a natural product 

* It can help to reduce pain and inflammation

* You don’t need a prescription, just buy over the counter

* Only a small amount is needed so it is a cost effective, at home, pain management strategy

* It can help them move easier and better

* Associated with the massage for the application it can improve the bond with your dog

* Probably won’t be licked off!

* Can be safely applied 3 times per day

What I’ve noticed since using Rapigel for Kiba 

A lot of positive reinforcement (i.e. treats) is needed because he really doesn’t like the smell! I think it does help him walk a bit better after application and it makes me feel like I’m being more proactive, since pain relief gels are such an important use in managing human arthritis, I love that there’s an option for our dogs too!

Please note:

– Carefully read the instructions on the product description to ensure correct use

– Not a sponsored post. I bought Rapigel to try on my dogs. I do have an affiliate link with Amazon but I only recommend products I’ve bought with my own money and am happy to recommend!

Thank you for reading!

Here’s to helping your dog live and move well,

Kylie 💙🐾

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