How to manage your dog’s pain using medication

Taking tablets is something most people avoid for themselves, let alone giving it to their pet! It is, however, a valuable tool in treating your dog’s pain.

Communication with your vet is imperative

If your dog has arthritis, or another condition causing pain, which requires medication it is important to follow the dosage and frequency as directed by your vet. Monitor closely for any improvements or changes and ensure you communicate these to your vet. The dose may need to be increased if you notice that over time it isn’t effective, decreased if it has excessive negative side effects or changed to a completely different medicine if your dog is showing any signs of an allergy to it, such as vomiting or diarrhea.

Pain relief allows pain free exercise that has long term benefits

Although pain medication is a valuable tool it doesn’t solve the issue causing the pain. If a dog has pain from hip arthritis, the joint itself can’t be changed without surgery but pain relief will not only make your dog more comfortable but also allows for pain free movement. With their pain managed they can walk comfortably, this movement helps avoid stiffness and further pain. Also, being more comfortable will enable strengthening exercises to be undertaken. Over time exercises will help strengthen muscles around the painful joint and this can decrease pain. Exercise is a great non-medicated form of pain relief!  

pain free exercise

As they say, timing is everything!

Once you give your dog the pain relief, wait half an hour or so and then take your pup for your regular walk or do those strengthening exercises. This usually is enough time for the pain relief to become effective. Hopefully it will mean that your dog won’t limp as much, or at all, whilst still stretching out those joints when walking. It also means that without pain the exercises will be done comfortably maximising the strength gains to support the joint. 

I’m a #thriftydogmum at heart!

To save money on your dog needs medication, perhaps compare the cost at these online stores to your vet’s prices. 

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You may find that the online stores are cheaper than your vet saving you $$$$! (You can find out more money saving tips by accessing the Ultimate Guide to Saving on Vet Bills by signing up to our email list).

Here’s to helping your dog live and move well,

Kylie ❤🐾

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