Help Canine Arthritis in 3 Easy Steps

Sadly canine arthritis isn’t an easy condition to treat, it needs multiple professionals, guided by your vet, and with many different strategies.

Good news is that these 3 steps you can do at home will help make life a bit easier for your dog, and who doesn’t want that?!?

Step 1 – Move it!

Help them have less stiffness and pain by moving their joint for them. We call this passive range of motion.

Get your dog to lie on their non-painful side. If it’s the hip, then use one hand to keep the pelvis still and the other hand to support the leg under the knee joint. Move the hip as far forward (flexion) as possible and then back (extension). Repeat this 10 times.

⭐ Make sure to keep an eye out for signs of discomfort and don’t push the joint too hard which can cause pain.

Step 2 –  Start to build it!

Pain from arthritis causes muscles around the joint to get weak and this means less support and more pain. To help this you can spend a few minutes a day doing some strengthening exercises.

To start all you need is a step or a box. Guide your dog to place their two front paws onto the step or box whilst you hold a treat slightly upward in front of their nose. Gently guide them back off the step then again 10 times.

Step 3- Finish it with heat

Arthritis loves heat. Not only does it help to loosen tight muscles and joints to help relieve pain but it directly helps to confuse pain nerve endings into feeling heat rather than pain, which also helps reduces pain!

You probably already have a heat pack at home…or 4 like me! So just place a microwaveable heat pack on your dog’s arthritic joint and watch them relax!

⭐ Make sure it’s not too hot so test it first. Also, don’t use a dry heat like an electric blanket directly on their fur, this can cause a burn. Lastly, if there are signs of infection such as heat, swelling or redness; then don’t add heat, get to a vet ASAP!

These will only take a few minutes of your time a day but can make a huge difference to your dog!

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Here’s to helping your dog live and move well,

Kylie 💙🐾

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