Freja’s Liver Issues

My baby girl, my princess, Freja turned 9 this year and after researching and creating my “Ultimate Guide to Saving on Vet Bills” I committed to start my girl on screening blood tests. 

The very first blood test showed increased liver enzymes and after a month of Denamarin tablets and a repeat blood test, the liver enzymes continued to increase even further. 

Denamarin assists liver function and I was hoping these tablets would help repair the part of the liver that appeared to be damaged, but sadly not for my baby girl. 

freja birthday 2021

My baby girl about to enjoy a birthday cookie

If you read my last blog “Why I created my Ultimate Guide to Saving on Vet Bills” my vet told me the Denamarin was $190 for 30 tablets if I purchased at the vet clinic. I told her I’d see if I can find it cheaper elsewhere and after a quick search on the internet I found them for $120! Remember – it’s ok to say to your vet you won’t buy on the spot and do some research!

Now we are in our second month of trying Denamarin and with another repeat blood test scheduled soon we will see if a liver ultrasound is needed. This will cost $600 which thankfully I have saved using the methods outlined in the “Ultimate Guide to Saving on Vet Bills“.

freja 1st visit

We adopted Freja when she was 4.5 years old

Thankfully Freja appears well, eats and drinks well, has her normal amount of energy, but I’m very aware at how good dogs are at hiding pain and also how good the liver is at hiding any disease so I will keep a very close eye on her behaviours and follow up with the vet as recommended. 

If you’ve experienced something similar with your dog please let me know. I’d love to hear your experience. 

Here’s to helping your dog live and move well,

Kylie ❤🐾

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