Dental Month Discounts

August is Canine Dental Month and there are many opportunities to grab a bargain on dental procedures and products at your local vet or online pet store. 

Our local vet started Dental Month in July and I was able to take advantage of the $100 off dental cleaning. Yay πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰   

I’ve committed to memory that Dental Month discounts are in August, and sometimes July, so I can always organise Kiba and Freja’s dentals around this, if it’s not an emergency of course. #thriftydogmum

If your dog’s breath has been a bit stinky of late, or you can see plaque buildup, a change in chewing or excess salivation then your dog may benefit from a good clean. Call your local vet and see if they are offering any discounts!

vet surgery

Call your local vet to see if they are offering any Dental Month discounts.

The bargains are also available online for dental food, treats and other products. 

Vet Supply has a 5% off sale with code DT2021.

Pet CircleΒ has up to 20% off dental treats and 30% off dental health care products.Β 

You can also find discounts online

Dental disease can not only cause your dog immense pain but can also lead to kidney, liver and heart disease. Plus rotten teeth need to be extracted and the vet bill can be many hundreds of dollars. Prevention is always better than cure, not only for the health benefits but the back pocket benefits too! 

Happy bargain hunting


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