Curb Walking

Incorporating strength training in your daily walk is easy, especially with curb walking, because let’s face it, there are usually A LOT of curbs around!

Why is strength training important in dogs?

Ageing brings with it muscle loss. This is sadly a little known fact, even in humans! Human and canine ageing is similar in this way. Our muscles and nerves change as we get older and this leads to muscle loss. Further, with pain from arthritis, there is muscle inhibition which stops muscles from working and leads to even more muscle loss. 

When walking isn’t enough

Walking is a wonderful exercise for humans and dogs, however it seldom involves any form of strengthening. If you have hills, stairs or curbs then they are wonderful opportunities for strengthening, otherwise walking on the flat is still great for heart health. 

Curb walking

Usually it is best done in a Figure 8 as this ensures both right and left legs get an equal opportunity to go up the curb. Generally I will walk down quiet streets and get the puppies to go up 10 times on the left and then we continue walking forward and go up 10 times on the right side of the street.

curb sniffing

Sniffing instead of curb walking 🤣

Sometimes Kiba and Freja get a bit distracted and like to stop for a sniff!

I just love curb walking, it is a great way to incorporate some strength training with your dog on your daily walk which helps them be stronger as they age, limp less and have less pain! 

Is 10 up and down the curb enough?

To start with, 10 is great but as your pup keeps practicing this exercise, the exercise will become easier and the muscles won’t need to work as hard, which means they aren’t challenged to grow. Consequently, you will need to keep increasing the repetitions to continually challenge the muscles to grow and get stronger. 

Want an exercise program for your arthritic dog?

You can request a copy of the free 1-week guide to Getting your arthritic dog moving better and in with pain <<HERE>>

You can purchase an 8-week Exercise Program for Dogs with Hip Arthritis <<HERE>>

If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch.

Here’s to helping your dog live and move well,

Kylie  ❤🐾

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