Couch Class Program: Strengthening for Your Canine’s Health, Function and Well-Being

As dog parents we consistently strive to ensure our beloved fur babies are happy and healthy and as they reach their senior years there is a simple way to help them, all in the comfort of our own home!

Of course I’m referring to strengthening exercises and as little as 10 minutes a day can mean a huuuuuuge improvement to their mobility and comfort!

couch class program for canine

I created the Couch Class Program to empower dog parents to strengthen their dogs without using fancy equipment and here are some benefits:

Pain Relief and Improved Mobility

The Couch Class Program provides significant relief to dogs in pain, by enhanced support to their joints and therefore alleviating discomfort. Improved strength and less pain mean they will have better mobility and can regain their ability to perform their daily activities effortlessly, like stairs and walks.

Delaying Surgery

Canine cruciate ligament tears and canine arthritis usually require surgery, however, strengthening exercises can delay or even negate the need for surgery, saving you thousands of dollars!

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Better Quality of Life

With only 10 minutes committed daily to the strengthening exercises, the Couch Class Program can remarkably improve your dog’s quality of life by allowing them to painlessly enjoy their walking adventures, helping them stand up easier and may even help improve incontinence (if it is caused by pain and lack of strength).

Further, the couch class program will help maintain a healthy weight, enhance their cardiovascular fitness, and boost energy levels.

Convenience and Cost-Effectiveness

The Couch Class Program allows dog owners great convenience and cost-effectiveness for their dog’s rehab. Performing these exercises at home means eliminating the need for expensive equipment or frequent rehab visits, which also tend to require loads of time and effort in travelling.

 Find out more by copying the link below :

Home Exercise Program for Dogs with Hip Arthritis

Sending cuddles to your precious furry ones 

Kylie ❤️🐾

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