Combat muscle loss from ageing

As humans, and dogs, age there is a natural decline in muscle mass, it’s called sarcopenia.

I’m sure you’ve experienced this in some way! Have you noticed that it gets harder to do certain activities as you get older? Yep, I definitely have!! Sarcopenia is one of the reasons why. It’s also one of the main reasons why older people have an increased falls risk! In dogs you may notice that they start to struggle with their usual walk, jumping and/or stairs.

We can help to counteract this decline by doing specific exercises to strengthen muscles, particularly those of the rear legs. Although walking is great for heart and lung health, bladder and bowels and stretching those joints, it doesn’t necessarily equate to improved strength.

It’s easy to incorporate strength training into your walks by adding a hill or some stairs, always start small and progress as your dog is able and also check your dog’s behaviour for any signs of pain. You can also add specific exercises like two paws on a step, balance exercises and sit to stand exercises.

As our dogs age it is important to keep in mind that many changes are occurring under their greying fur. Similarly, as we age it’s not only our skin that gets wrinkly, we experience changes under our skin like blood pressure and cholesterol increases and arthritis.

I look forward to sharing these changes in ageing. I really believe it will help help us support our dogs better as they age.

Here’s to helping your dog live and move well,

Kylie   ❤🐾

Walking is definitely the most popular, and easiest, way to exercise your dog but it certainly isn’t the only way

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