Winter and your arthritic dog

🎵 Baby it’s cold outside… 🎵

Reports say we’ve had one of the coldest May days ever recorded! It’s getting chilly here in Sydney, Australia and it isn’t even winter yet! So there’s no better time than now to start preparing for the colder weather to ensure your arthritic dog stays as comfy as possible.

Did you know…it’s actually not the cold weather itself that brings on the arthritic aches and pains but is in fact the ambient air pressure? (To find our more you can read this article)

What can help to decrease your dog’s pain?

Heat makes arthritic joints happy! Keep your pet’s arthritic joints as warm as possible by:

– Ensuring bedding is elevated from the cold floor and away from droughts

– Warming their bedding by using a heat pack or a hot water bottle (Careful – supervise when using these so they don’t end up as chew toys!)

– Add a coat or jumper – particularly if they spend a lot of time in the chilly outdoors or when they are going for a walk. These are especially useful for dogs that are old, thin or short haired.

Medication/Nutritional supplements â€“ Talk to your vet about a four-week course of Cartrophen injections. You could also try commercially available products such as Antinol, Therabis Up and Moving, Rosehip Vital, or try some  homemade golden paste (try this recipe here).

Maintaining a healthy weight â€“ If you’re walking your pup less due to the wind and rain then it might be easy for those winter kilos to start creeping on. Additional weight can exacerbate arthritic symptoms by placing increased mechanical load on these joints, as well as biochemically destroying the joint, so maintaining a healthy weight range is especially important.

Exercises â€“ Stretches and strengthening exercises can help make the arthritic joint work better so that there is less pain. 

Massages â€“ Massaging around and over arthritic joints can help to increase blood flow and decrease pain.

Mechanical devices â€“ Jumping on/off couches and beds are no-no’s. You could consider purchasing portable steps so they can get onto/off their (or should I say your?!?!) bed. 

Here’s to helping your dog live well,



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