Learn essential marketing techniques to grow your pet health business!

Have you ever felt like you're pouring your heart and soul into your pet health business, but new clients just aren't lining up at the door? 

You're not alone.

Many dedicated pet health professionals struggle to effectively market their services.

As a canine and human physiotherapist myself, I know that we are very good at helping animals and humans feel better but often we don't know how to run a thriving business. 

That's where the Marketing Basics for Pet Health Businesses course comes in!

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This course is for you if:

You are a pet health professional!

You want to attract pet parents who value your expertise and are willing to pay you well for it!

You dream of a thriving business that will give you financial freedom!

You want a sustainable business where you don't have to exchange time for money!

You're ready to learn the skill of marketing

Course Modules

Understanding Your Pet Parent Audience - Understand your target market to better cater your communication in your marketing

Building Your Brand - Choose how to represent your brand and how to craft a compelling message that resonates with your target market

Website Basics - Learn to create an online presence to help attract more customers

Social Media Marketing - Form relationships and sell your services on social media

Email Marketing - Learn the importance of an email list and how to build one 

Pricing & Money Mindset - Overcome barriers to charging what you're worth and create a more sustainable business

Mentoring & Masterminds - How mentors and masterminds can help grow your business 

Business Growth Resources - The books, podcasts and memberships I recommend 

Get Access Now For $59AUD

Don’t Hold Your Business Back

Get more pet clients that you can help live a happier and healthier life

Make more money so you don't burn yourself out just trying to make ends meet

Grow your business faster than trying to figure it out all on your own

Learn from my costly marketing mistakes!

Imagine a life where your business:
Thrives with a steady flow of pets that need your help...
Allows you to do what you love and help those pets...
Gives you financial freedom to live life on your terms...
Makes a real difference in your community..
Are you ready to invest in your business for a life you'll love? 
Get Access Now For $59AUD

Amy - 4 Steps Forward Physio 

Start the course today!

Get Access Now For $59AUD

About the course creator

Kylie Marks

I started my business journey 10 years ago as a mobile physio and I've learnt so much along the way that I want to share that with you! 

I know as a pet health professional we are not trained to run a business and often we just don't know where to start. Our work is often mentally and physically exhausting, not to mention stressful and emotionally draining - all of these are not conducive to a thriving business!

Also, we have multiple barriers to running a successful business, firstly we only get paid when we see a patient, and secondly we tend to undercharge for our services because we want to help first and money often comes second.

This course will help you see that we can charge for our skills and knowledge and still care for our patients AND that marketing and selling is not icky or gross, it is simply a way for people to know who we are so we can help them!

I hope you find the Marketing Basics for Pet Health Businesses to be an extremely practical and encouraging way to help your business grow and in turn, support the life you want. 

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